Philodendron New Leaves Turning Brown, Yellow and Falling Off: How To Fix

Philodendron New Leaves Turning Brown Yellow

It isn’t a good sign when your Philodendron starts to change colors. Yellowing and browning leaves that eventually fall off may indicate a variety of different problems. However, sometimes your plant may seem fine, except for the fact that new leaves are dying off. When that happens, it is usually a sign that your plant … Read more

Dieffenbachia vs. Aglaonema: How to Identify

red leaves aglaonema

Dieffenbachia and Aglaonema’s beautiful bright green speckled leaves are their most sought-after attributes. But due to their overwhelming visual similarities, it’s common for these two plants to get mixed up. If you’ve brought home a new plant without knowing the species, it can be a headache to figure out one from the other. To identify … Read more

How Do I Get Rid of Grubs in Lawn Naturally?

Lawn Grub

Have you noticed small holes dotting your lawn? This is one of the most common signs of a grub problem. Grubs are beetle larvae from the invasive Japanese beetle and the June beetle. They love to eat organic matter in your lawn, especially grass roots. An abundance of grubs can cause serious damage to your … Read more

Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Splitting? (And What to Do Next)

Snake Plant

Snake Plants are pretty durable plants. They are considered succulents, so they handle hot and dry temperatures reasonably well and can also handle a bit of neglect. However, that doesn’t mean that they can handle every problem. Sometimes, issues can cause your Snake Plant’s leaves to start splitting. Snake Plant leaves can start to split … Read more

How Much Indoor Light Do Orchids Need?


Orchids are beautiful plants, but they can be challenging even for expert gardeners. These are not plants that thrive on neglect or that you can just leave in one place and hope for the best. Orchids have some pretty strict requirements to grow at their best. One of the most important requirements is the amount … Read more

How to Save Ranunculus Leaves Turning Yellow

Ranunculus Leaves Turning Yellow

With their showstopping appearance, Ranunculus asiaticus is a favorite for weddings and bouquets. This rose-like flower sometimes goes by the name Persian Buttercup, which reflects its native home in the Mediterranean. These intricate flowers are characterized by paper-thin petals that grow in tight clusters. A single flower can have between 100 to 130 petals! Ranunculus … Read more

How to Care for Ming Aralia Plant (Answered)

ming aralia

Ming Aralia, also sometimes known as Aralia Ming Stump, is an ornamental perennial plant native to Southeast Asia. This slow-growing shrub has a small footprint, which makes it perfect for indoor spaces. Despite its beautiful foliage, Ming Aralia hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as other tropical plants. It’s often considered difficult to maintain, … Read more