How Do You Propagate Elephant Plants?

Taro plant

Elephant Ear Plants are large and gorgeous plants. They prefer tropical and coastal climates where the temperature stays warm and pleasant all year round. In these climates, they make excellent outdoor plants growing in a garden or alongside a pond.  However, if you don’t live in one of those areas, that doesn’t mean you cannot … Read more

How Do You Grow a Money Plant Like a Creeper?

Jade plant

Money Plant is a vague term. It generally consists of a large group of plants. These plants usually have five leaves or parts of a leaf, as five is considered a lucky number in most Asian cultures.  The most common of these Money Plants are the Chinese Money Plant, but Money Trees, Jade Plants, Rubber … Read more

White Anthurium vs. Peace Lily: What You Need to Know

Peace Lily

While Anthuriums are mostly referred to as being red, they do come in all sorts of colors. There are well over eight hundred different species. They can come in almost every color you could imagine. That usually makes them different enough to tell apart from the always green or white Peace Lily.  However, there are … Read more

How to Treat Brown Spots on Snake Plant Leaves

Snake plants with spots

Snake Plants are very resistant plants. They can handle a fair amount of neglect without a problem. Plus, they are very interesting houseplants. They grow straight up with an interesting mix of yellow, light green, and dark green among their vertical leaves.  Despite their bold statements and high tolerance, they can still be affected by … Read more

When to Move Monstera From Water to Soil? (And How)

Monstera Plants

Propagating Monstera in water is a lot easier than doing it in soil. Not only can you watch your roots to ensure they are growing and healthy, but you can also ensure that they aren’t overwatered or at risk of pests and root rot.  However, you may want to move your Monstera from the water … Read more

What’s Causing Black Spots on My Cactus?

Cactus with holes

Finding black spots on your Cactus can be very concerning, as black spots tend to be a symptom of larger problems. Cacti tend to have a reputation for being beginner-friendly houseplants. Still, they aren’t immune to problems, including black spots on their foliage and stems, and you should address these problems immediately.  The most common … Read more

What are the Best Pots for Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants?

fiddle leaf fig

With so many options for choosing houseplant pots, it can be overwhelming, mainly when it is time to pot your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant. In addition, Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants are susceptible to root rot and overwatering, so you will likely want to choose a pot that will prevent this problem and set them up … Read more

Paul Robeson Tomato vs. Cherokee Purple: Which is Better?

Cherokee Tomato

Tomatoes are, in our opinion, one of the most versatile fruits out there! They can be enjoyed raw in salads or cooked in sauces. Furthermore, they come in so many different varieties to suit any palette. The Paul Robeson Tomato and Cherokee Purple Tomato are two unique heirloom varieties beloved for their sweet, smoky flavor. … Read more

Pothos vs. Monstera: How To Easily Tell The Difference


Pothos and Monstera are part of the family known as Arums or Araceae. They are part of different genera, though, with Pothos in Epipremnum and Monstera in the Monstera genus. For a long time, and still somewhat today, both were considered part of the Philodendron genus. However, we now know that isn’t true, and each … Read more

Big vs. Small: What Kind of Pot Does a Monstera Need?

Big and small pots

Monsteras are big and beautiful plants, and you may be thinking of going ahead and putting them into a large pot that they can grow into. However, this isn’t ideal for Monsteras.  Monsteras prefer to remain in a smaller pot, a little root-bound instead of a large pot where their roots may stay wet. Like … Read more