How To Grow Microgreens Without Soil

Field of microgreens

Getting in your daily vegetable servings has never been easier or more delicious since more people have discovered the intense flavor and health benefits of Microgreens. They are exactly what they sound like – tiny vegetables. More specifically, they are small seedlings of green, leafy vegetables and herbs. Do not let the size fool you, … Read more

Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling? [6 Reasons and Solutions]

Spider plant

Spider Plants are popular due to the simplicity of their treatment and care. For the most part, they can be left alone with a little water and everything will be fine. However, sometimes your plant does need a little attention. Spider Plants, while easy to take care of, do need specialized care. Curling, folding, or … Read more

Sunshine Ligustrum Problems: Causes & Solutions

Sunshine Ligustrum

The Sunshine Ligustrum is one of the easiest hedges to grow. It grows at a very fast pace and does not require any kind of specialized care. However, you may encounter different problems while growing this shrub, which can discourage you from enjoying the fun process. If you encounter any problems with your Sunshine Ligustrum, … Read more

What are the Best Succulents for Full Hot Sun?

Array of succulent

Succulents are a type of plant that have adapted to be able to survive in arid environments. They are ideally suited for areas exposed to full hot sun as they are equipped with special cellular tissues, called “succulent tissues”, which are capable of storing large quantities of water. The best succulents for full hot sun … Read more

Can You Plant Two Tomato Plants Together?

Tomato plant in pot

In the early stages of development, it is common for baby tomatoes to be planted together, even with a very small distance between them. This is not an issue for their growth if they are well taken care of. However, young seedlings begin to compete for nutrients, water, and space if they are not transplanted … Read more

Why Does Mulch Smell Like Manure? How Can I Deodorize It?

Hand holding mulch

There are two types of mulch: biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The latter includes materials such as plastic sheeting, pebbles and gravel. Whereas biodegradable mulches are composed of organic matter such as straw, wood chippings and garden compost. Biodegradable mulches can sometimes take on an unpleasant aroma. Mulch can smell like manure due to biological processes that … Read more

How Long Can Plants Go Without Water?

Watering plants

For a pop of color and fresh oxygen, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a plant into the landscape of your home. Although generally simple to take care of, plants are more than just home decor and require varying levels of care and attention. There are certain things that every plant needs and water is … Read more

Do Pine Trees Have Deep Roots?

Pine tree

Pine trees have some of the deepest taproots in the tree world, generally reaching between 3 to 6 ft deep. A Pine Tree’s taproot is the deepest part of its root system. You might have seen various images or designs of trees in which they are shown with the root system below them reaching down … Read more