Everything You Need to Know About Self-Watering Pots

self watering planter pot

Watering plants is often the hardest part of owning a plant. It can be hard to get the right amount, and to make sure you aren’t overwatering or underwatering. Thankfully, there are things called self-watering pots that help to eliminate a lot of this guessing.  They are easy to set up as well, whether you … Read more

Arborvitae vs Juniper: Ultimate Comparison Guide


Arborvitae and Juniper share similar purposes. They are both hedge-like bushes and trees that work well to add privacy or to just stand tall and proud around the yard. However, they do have key differences. Arborvitae grows scale leaves, red-brown berries, and white flowers, and is native to Asia and North America. Juniper grows needle … Read more

Money Plant vs Money Tree: Comparison Guide

Money Tree

If you are looking to bring home a plant known to bring good luck and abundance, there are many options. A few plants are given the nickname Money Plant or Money Tree because of their perceived ability to bring good luck.  Unfortunately, all of these options can get confusing, especially if you are trying to … Read more

Should You Plant Morning Glories in a Hanging Basket?

Morning glory

Morning Glories are a familiar flower for new and seasoned gardeners. As the name suggests, these colorful flowers close at night and open in the light of dawn.  Morning Glories are easy flowers to grow, and their vining growth habits mean they grow quickly. In springtime, they can be found flowing from front porch planters … Read more

How Do You Care for a Woody Honeysuckle?


Honeysuckles are beautiful ornamental climbers and shrubs with fragrant flowers that attract pollinators, making them a great addition to your garden. That’s why it can be very concerning if you notice that the stems have suddenly become woody, tangled, or distressed.  Honeysuckles will develop woody stems due to aging, pest problems, or improper pruning. In … Read more

How to Increase Female Flowers in Cucumbers?


Like squash and melons, most Cucumber plants have male and female flowers. The two sexes play two very different roles. The males produce the pollen, while the females produce the fruit to be pollinated. One problem that gardeners sometimes run into is an abundance of male flowers but no female flowers. Without female flowers, the … Read more