Coir Pole vs Moss Pole: Do Plants Grow Faster?

Plant on moss pole

Moss Poles are likely more well-known than Coir Poles. They have been around for much longer and are an established tool for plant-growers with tall, climbing plants.  Coco Coir Poles are a little different. While they still provide structural support, they don’t provide the micronutrients, and extra water Moss Poles do.  Moss Poles provide your … Read more

Why is my Hydroseed not Growing?

hydroseeding process

Hydroseed should start to germinate in a relatively short amount of time. It should take no more than one or two weeks before you start to notice the seeds sprouting. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out as they should, and your grass may not be growing. If your hydroseed is not growing, it may be … Read more

Is it normal for indoor plants to attract bugs?

insect in the plant

Sometimes, it seems that your indoor plants attract bugs no matter what you do. You can close all the doors and windows, but it doesn’t matter. And once bugs infest one plant, it doesn’t take them long to go after all of your indoor plants.  As you fight off these pests, you may be wondering … Read more

Why Are My Anthurium Leaves Curling? (And Overwatering Symptoms/Cure)


Anthuriums are also known as flamingo flowers, laceleafs, and tail flowers. These various monikers are inspired mostly by the plant’s brilliant red flowers. However their leaves are also gorgeous and expressive, and they are quick to react when conditions aren’t quite right.  But what does it mean when your Anthurium leaves are curling or drooping? … Read more

How to keep string of pearls alive after sunburn?

String of Pearls

The String of Pearls is a unique vining succulent known for its visual appeal and tiny, pearl-shaped green leaves. Incorporating it into your home as a houseplant or featuring it outside on a patio is an excellent way to showcase its cascading vines and elegant leaves.  This plant is native to Africa and can tolerate … Read more

What Are Black or Purple Strawberries?

burgundy straberry

Have you ever seen Black or Purple Strawberries in the grocery store?  If not, you’re not alone.  You will probably never find a Black Strawberry, but Purple Strawberries are not as elusive.  Most people have never heard of these strange-looking berries before. So what are they, and where do they come from? While the Black … Read more

Why are my zebra plants leaves drooping?

Aphelandra Squarrosa

Zebra Plants aren’t easy to take care of, especially if you haven’t handled many plants before. They are pretty picky about their requirements and aren’t tolerant to overwatering, underwatering, full sun, full shade, too high or low humidity, low temperatures, or even too much fertilizer.  Being anywhere outside of their comfort zone can lead to … Read more

Philodendron Pedatum vs Florida – Are they the same?

Philodendron Pedatum

When you look into specific varieties, Philodendrons can get very confusing. There is a lot of misinformation and a general lack of agreement, plus the plants will often just look very similar. One such case is with the Florida varieties of Philodendron and the Philodendron Pedatum.  The Philodendron Pedatum and the Philodendron Florida species are … Read more