How Much Does A (Small, Medium, and Large) Pumpkin Weigh?

Different size pumpkins

Pumpkins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and serve a couple of different purposes. They can be anywhere from small enough to fit in your hand, to heavier than the average person. To make it easier to pick the size Pumpkin you want, the species are broken down into various sizes. There are … Read more

Are Lemon Tree Thorns Poisonous?

Lemon Tree with thorns

Citrus trees, like Lemon Trees, are great plants to grow in your backyard. They provide wonderful smells when they flower, and give you plenty of delicious food to eat.  However, if you have worked with citrus trees of any kind before, you may have noticed that most of them have thorns. Unfortunately, even thornless varieties … Read more

What Fruits Grow Best In The Desert?


When you think of the desert you may think of dry, dusty conditions which aren’t favorable for gardening. But the truth is that the desert provides excellent conditions for several species of fruit trees! Trees with a low chill point thrive in the warmer desert winters. Both the hotter low desert and the cooler high … Read more

Can You Freeze Microgreens


Microgreens are mini versions of various vegetables and herbs. They grow a lot quicker, usually in less than two weeks, and are packed full of the same amount of nutrients. They can be used in place of your thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables, and add a delicious crunch or peppery flavor to salads, soups, … Read more

What Plants are Similar to Elephant Ears?


If the large, rounded and heart-shaped leaves of the beautiful Elephant Ear plant (Colocasia) have caught your attention, you are not alone. These striking houseplants are fantastic statement pieces that are easy to care for. If you are hoping to fill your home (or garden) with more of these plants, there are plenty of similar … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Watering Pots

self watering planter pot

Watering plants is often the hardest part of owning a plant. It can be hard to get the right amount, and to make sure you aren’t overwatering or underwatering. Thankfully, there are things called self-watering pots that help to eliminate a lot of this guessing.  They are easy to set up as well, whether you … Read more