How Deep Are Holly Tree Roots?

Holly Bush

When I moved into my dream home, I was faced with a less than dreamy diseased Holly Tree in my front yard. I knew it had to be removed before the disease spread to other plants, but I was truly stumped on where to begin. How deep are Holly Tree roots, anyway? The Holly Tree … Read more

Are Blue Coleus Plants Real?

Blue Coleus

When you catch wind of a rare and unique-looking plant, it’s always tempting to add one to your collection. The Blue Coleus is one of these mythical plants, made more exciting with what seems to be photographic evidence. But despite what Google images might lead you to believe, Blue Coleus plants unfortunately are not a … Read more

Can Plants Die Of Old Age?

Small tree in dying tree

My husband and I recently moved out of our home and into our van. One of the first stops on our USA adventure will be to see the graceful and magnificent giant sequoias in California. As I pruned and repotted our houseplants to fit into our tiny new home, I thought about the difference between … Read more

Why is my Pothos Dripping Water?

Water Dripping on Pothos

You might be wondering why your Pothos plant is dripping little tears and crying. Was I that mean to it that I made it cry? Perhaps it’s sweating? Let’s find out why this is happening. Your Pothos is dripping water due to overwatering, or it’s a sign the weather is humid. This happens when the … Read more

Do Blueberry Bushes Lose Their Leaves?

Blueberry Bush

Do Blueberry bushes lose their leaves? In a word, yes! As a deciduous shrub, blueberry bushes naturally lose their leaves in autumn to prepare for winter dormancy. But, if you notice your blueberry bush defoliating during its growing season, you may have a deeper problem on your hands.  Like many plants, a blueberry bush will … Read more

What Will Happen To Plants That Are Kept In The Dark?

plant in dark

We can’t all live in sunny California, but that shouldn’t stop you from having plants! While we typically want to give our plants lots of sun, this isn’t always possible. Your plants may find themselves in darker than desired conditions for many reasons. Perhaps your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light. You might … Read more