Can You Overseed Without Top Dressing?

Unhealthy grass

When you start to look at Overseeding, many people talk about it along with Top Dressing. You may be wondering if you can skip that extra step, or if there is something better out there for your lawn.  You can Overseed without Top Dressing, but it has many benefits like increased soil aeration, easier seed … Read more

Can I Use Eggshell Fertilizer for My Lemon Trees?

Crushed Eggshell

Instead of tossing out eggshells, you may have heard that they are good for some plants. But which plants are those and do you grow any of them? Using eggshell fertilizer for your Lemon Trees can be beneficial as eggshells are full of calcium, and have other beneficial minerals like selenium and magnesium. All three … Read more

Should You Plant Morning Glories in a Hanging Basket?

Morning glory

Morning Glories are a familiar flower for new and seasoned gardeners. As the name suggests, these colorful flowers close at night and open in the light of dawn.  Morning Glories are easy flowers to grow, and their vining growth habits mean they grow quickly. In springtime, they can be found flowing from front porch planters … Read more

How Do I Fix Yellow Leaves on My Peach Tree?

Yellow leaf on Peach Tree

Many gardeners steer clear of peaches because it’s assumed they can’t grow in colder regions. But if you live anywhere in USDA hardiness zones 5a-9a, Peaches will grow outdoors just fine. There are even dwarf cultivars that can be grown in containers and brought inside in the colder months. Peach Trees can be a bit … Read more

Philodendron Imperial Red vs. Rojo Congo: Differences, Similarities, and More

Imperial Red

Imperial Red and Rojo Congo are a part of the ever-popular family of Philodendrons. Both have shiny green oval-shaped leaves, so confusing them is easy. Another reason why they are easily confused is that they are related!  Philodendron Rojo Congo is a hybrid cultivar made by crossing Philodendron Imperial Red with Philodendron Tatei. So although … Read more

Basil vs. Oregano: When to Use?


Basil and Oregano are often used together as they enhance each other’s flavor profiles. However, when trying to make your own dish and aren’t sure which herb will work best, it can be hard to determine which one fits better.  Though they are used in conjunction, they have very different flavors, with Basil being sweeter … Read more