How Do I Care for Hoya Burtoniae?

Hoya Burtoniae, and most other Hoya, work about the same way. Even if the requirements aren’t identical, they are often close enough. However, if you want to have a perfectly happy Hoya Burtoniae, it is important to look at all the specific requirements for their care. 

When looking at Hoya Burtoniae, you want to ensure you understand what kind of pots they enjoy, as well as soil, sunlight, watering, and humidity levels. You should know these key things about any plant you are growing to ensure they are happy and can stay healthy. 

The Hoya Burtoniae prefers a mix of direct and indirect sunlight, terracotta pots, drying out completely between waterings, and around 60 to 80% humidity.

Watering and sunlight levels are often the most important, especially if you want your Hoya to flower and be happiest. They are often the most overlooked as well, as Hoyas can tolerate various sun and water conditions. 

Does Hoya Burtoniae Like Sun or Shade?

Hoya Burtoniae likes a lot of sun. They prefer bright, indirect light for around seven hours a day. This Hoya also likes direct sun and can handle about two hours of the direct afternoon sun. 

You can usually tell if your plant is starting to get too much sun, as your Hoya Burtoniae will start to have red foliage from the sun exposure and the stress associated with it. Most people like pushing their plant to this edge, as they find it much prettier. 

However, you will want to be careful because if they get too much direct sun exposure and stay stressed, they may suffer. It is a delicate line to cross. 

Where Should I Put My Hoya Plant?

Hoyas do their best with bright, indirect light from the early morning. If you want them to get light in their best conditions, putting them in a room with a lot of natural light from a window is the best option. 

If you want an even better option, put them in a room with lots of natural light, but make sure the window has a sheer covering over it. This provides the plant with the maximum amount of light but ensures that it won’t get burned from too much direct sunlight. 

What Window Should Hoyas Be In?

Windows that face south are the best windows to put your Hoya in. These windows get the most sunlight throughout the year and the day. However, a west-facing window is also a good option. 

Should You Water Hoyas From the Bottom?

watering in the garden
Bottom watering is an option when watering Hoyas, and there is a lot of debate on which option is better. Many find bottom watering works better for nursery plants that already have soil and when the soil may not be ideal for proper drainage. 

However, top watering has benefits as well. By top watering, you can help to distribute fertilizer best and stop fertilizer from building up in the soil as much. 

As long as you use properly draining soil, there is no reason that you can’t water from the top. 

How Often Should a Hoya Be Watered?

A Hoya should be watered at least once a week during their growing season in the summer. In the winter, they can often go two weeks or longer without being watered. 

Like most other plants, you can see if your Hoya is ready to be watered again by checking the soil. If the soil is completely dry about 2 inches (5 cm) down, it is usually a good time to water them. 

However, Hoyas like to dry out completely between waterings. So if it still feels a little damp, check back on it in a day or two. 

Should I Mist My Hoya?

Misting Hoyas is perfectly acceptable. However, you want to avoid getting the flowers wet. If your Hoya is flowering, it may be best to wait for a little before misting again unless you can be sure you can avoid the flowers and only spray the leaves. 

A small trick is that you can use distilled water if you often get spotting when misting your Hoyas, which leaves a residue or spots on the leaves. That should help to eliminate any problems. 

Hoyas like humidity around 60 to 80%, with a preference for around 70% for a good chance of blooming. So if your home isn’t that humid, look at misting your Hoya daily or investing in a humidifier. 

What Kind of Pots Do Hoyas Like?

Hoyas do best in terracotta pots. The pots allow for excess evaporation so that Hoyas can dry out faster and not sit in wet soil. However, plastic and glazed ceramics are also an option. 

No matter which pot you need, it must have a drainage hole. Without a drainage hole, the plant can’t drain excess water, leading to wet feet and, eventually, root rot. 

You also want to look at the pot size when picking a pot—having a much bigger pot than your plant’s current size can be bad. This is because the roots cannot reach around the pot. 

This means that while you are watering, even if there are drainage holes, there is lots of soil where there is water sitting that the roots cannot reach. This can lead to fungal issues and soil that doesn’t drain as much as you want. 

When Should I Repot My Hoya?

If you are going to re-pot your Hoya, you generally want to look at repotting around late spring or early summer. You don’t have to repot every year, though. 

Hoyas like to be a little root bound. This is another reason to re-pot into only slightly bigger pots so that they can become root bound easily. This also means that you probably don’t have to re-pot yearly. 

Instead, you can look at repotting probably about every other year. Usually, when you see root mats on the surface of the soil and you feel like you have to water almost daily, it is time to repot. 

How Do I Get My Hoya to Flower?

If Hoyas aren’t flowering, that usually means that their requirements aren’t being met. Make sure you look at and understand the ideal conditions for a Hoya Burtoniae to make sure you are meeting every need. 

If there are areas you feel could be changed, try changing them and see if that makes a difference. Usually, sunlight and watering requirements are the most important things to getting a flowering Hoya. 

Do Hoyas Like to Climb or Hang?

Hoyas prefer climbing. They enjoy having a trellis or similar structures that are different, like ladders and shelves. However, every Hoya is a little bit different. Some prefer hanging to climbing. 

Hoya Burtoniae is a variety that does better with hanging than climbing. They make excellent plants to hang from the ceiling to provide you with a lovely decoration hanging down. Put them in a place they won’t be in the way, and you can watch them grow down to the floor.

How Do I Know if My Hoya is Happy?

If Hoyas have ideal conditions, they will often bloom. Only very happy Hoyas that have perfect conditions and are getting everything they need will produce flowers. So if you find your Hoya flowering in its growing season, you know they are very happy and are being treated right. 


Hoya Burtoniae is a relatively easy plant to take care of. They can handle a bit of neglect and like being root bound in their pots. However, if you want them to flower and be happy, you want to ensure their ideal conditions are met. 

This includes how much water and sunlight they need. These are often the two most important requirements to make your Hoya Burtoniae happy and get it to start flowering.

The Hoya Burtoniae prefers a mix of direct and indirect sunlight, terracotta pots, drying out completely between waterings, and around 60 to 80% humidity.