How Long Can Grass Seed Go Without Water?

There isn’t anything more impressive than a perfectly manicured lawn. Having an even layer of Grass on your lawn looks nice, feels nice, and often makes your resale value higher. Unfortunately, though it looks nice, Grass isn’t the easiest to take care of. 

When Grass is first growing, it needs a lot of love and care. Too much or too little water, and your Grass won’t do very well at all. 

The importance of watering your Grass Seed cannot be overstated. Grass Seed can only go about half a day without water before it starts to dry out and die. Most Grass likes being watered twice a day, though some lawns can handle once a day or even three times a day. 

As soon as Grass Seed dries out, it dies off and will no longer grow. This is why it is important to water the proper amount and at the right time of the day. 

Will Grass Seed Grow Without Watering?

No, Grass Seed doesn’t grow without being watered. Grass Seed needs a lot of water, and without it, it will quickly begin to shrivel up and stop growing. If the Grass Seed has started to sprout, the Grass may just halt any growth until it gets watered again. 

However, if the Grass dries out too much, it will not only stop growing but die off instead. 

What Happens if You Don’t Water Grass Seed?

Grass Seed needs a lot of water. Without the right amount of water, the Grass will most likely dry out, and then eventually die. If they don’t get enough water before they seed, they won’t even be able to finish their germination process and will quickly dry out. 

Once Grass Seed does start to sprout, the Grass can last a couple of days without being watered, but it still won’t last long before dying. 

Grass Seed is very vulnerable as it is trying to sprout. If their environment changes too much during this time, the Grass Seed will easily start to die. However, watering is one of the most important factors. If the seeds have time to dry out at all, the seeds and sprouts will quickly die off. 

What Happens if You Don’t Water Grass Seed Right Away?

watering hose
Most Grass Seed suggests you water it right after it is planted. Usually, you will want to water for anywhere between five and ten minutes to make sure the soil is fully moistened for the first couple of inches. If you live in a very dry environment, you may need to water for a couple of minutes more. 

If you don’t water right after seeding, your Grass Seeds might just blow away, or shrivel up and die without actually seeding. This even includes Grass that has been planted with the hydroseed method. Many people tend to assume that since the Grass is planted with water, watering after seeding isn’t necessary. However, that isn’t the case at all. 

The watering at the beginning not only wets the seeds to start the growing process, but it also works to make sure the seeds are fully sunken down into the soil. Without watering, you risk seeds blowing around everywhere, being eaten by birds, or simply just not growing in the first place. 

Is Morning Dew Enough for Grass Seed?

Morning dew is very beneficial for Grass Seed. It helps to keep the soil around your seeds moist, especially while the sun is coming up and working to evaporate any moisture from the soil. 

This is really important, as it helps to keep your seeds plenty wet throughout the night and early morning hours so that you don’t have to get up and water the seeds at the crack of dawn. 

However, it doesn’t mean that it is enough to keep your Grass Seed watered throughout the day. Your Grass Seed needs to be watered multiple times throughout the day, and a little bit of dew is not enough to make up for this. While it does have its benefits, it doesn’t provide as much water as you might expect. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that you don’t confuse dew for rain. When you wake up in the morning and the ground is very wet, you may think it has rained the night before. While rain can help cut your watering needs, dew can’t. So it is best to check that it rained the night before as you don’t want to inadvertently underwater your Grass Seed. 

How Often Should Grass Seed Be Watered?

Depending on your location, your Grass Seed should be watered daily, and sometimes up to three times a day. Usually, you will want to water in the morning, and then again in the middle of the day after the heat from the sun is at its strongest. 

Watering for about five to ten minutes during this time is ideal. This will ensure that your Grass Seed has enough moisture and doesn’t dry out. If it seems like your Grass Seed is drying out, you may want to add another round of watering in the early evening as well, just to make sure. 

Once the Grass Seed has started to sprout, you may be able to keep a more normal schedule of only watering once a day or so. 

Can You Overwater Grass Seed?

watering lawn
While underwatering Grass Seed is a very serious problem, so too can overwatering. Watering too much can cause your soil to become compressed or spongy, both of which are harmful to Grass Seed growth. 

Also, if you water enough that the soil can move around, you may cause your seeds to no longer stay in place. Watering the right amount allows the seeds to sink into the soil and stay in place. But using too high of water pressure or too much water may instead cause the seeds to float and drift away. 

You never want to water to the point that puddles are sitting on your lawn. You just want enough that the soil stays moist. Having an even distribution is important, which is why many people prefer to use sprinklers instead of watering the Grass themselves. 

Usually, the soil needs to be moist to about 8 inches (20 cm) down. Using a long moisture meter may be beneficial in the beginning, to make sure you are watering the right amount. 

Additionally, you don’t want to water when it has rained. Make sure you take external watering into account before continuing with your schedule. 

When to Stop Watering New Grass Seed?

You will never stop watering Grass and Grass Seed. It will need water throughout its whole life. However, when the Grass Seed is still growing, you will want to continue watering twice a day until the soil about 8 inches (20 cm) is properly moist. 

Once the Grass grows tall enough that it is about an inch (2.5 cm) tall, then you can reduce your watering. Instead of watering twice a day, you only need to water about two times a week. You still want the Grass to be wet, but it can go longer between watering as the Grass can stand to be a little dry. The roots and shelter from the Grass allow the water to stay in the soil a bit longer than new Grass. 

How Can I Make Grass Seed Grow Faster?

There are a few ways to make Grass Seed grow faster. The first one is to use fertilizer. You can fertilize the soil right after you plant your seeds. This helps them get the boost of nutrients they need to grow quickly. Studies show it can grow about 70% thicker and 35% faster. 

Watering correctly is also important. If you let your seeds dry out, then they will stop growing as quickly or stop growing entirely. Make sure your soil stays at the right level of moisture and doesn’t get too dry or too wet.  

Finally, make sure you pick a Grass Seed that works in your area. Some Grasses work better in drier conditions while others work better in more humid conditions. Get the right kind for your climate. 


Grass Seed is a great way to add a beautiful lawn to your yard, but it does require some intensive care, especially in the beginning. 

To stop your Grass Seeds from dying quicker than it took for you to plant them, you need to water them at least once a day, though two or three times is often ideal. You have to be careful to not overwater, or underwater, or else your Grass will not grow and may wash away entirely. 

Be sure to take into account how much rainfall has watered your lawn and know that morning dew doesn’t provide enough water for your lawn during the day. If you stick to a specific watering schedule each day, your Grass will grow and thrive!