Is Rio Dipladenia a Perennial or Annual?

Rio Dipladenias are gorgeous plants that are easy enough to take care of. Their red or pink flowers can be mixed in with other plants that enjoy a lot of sun or they can take the stage as the main attraction. But are they plants you have to replace year after year, or do they last for several years with proper care?

Thankfully, Rio Dipladenia is a perennial plant, meaning that it lasts for many years. Unlike many other perennials, as long as it is taken care of, it will bloom throughout the year.

If you want to learn more about Rio Dipladenias, keep reading below. We cover more about their perennial status, how they handle winter, and where they best grow outdoors. 

What Are Rio Dipladenia Plants Classified As?

The Rio is a Dipladenia that enjoys being in bush form. The Rio flowers throughout the year and there are two primary colors, which are the Rio Red Dipladenia and the Rio Pink Dipladenia. The pink is usually bright, but the Rio Red flowers are a deep shade and are quite the opposite to the pink but equally stunning.

If you want to see these Dipladenia Rio red and pink flowers blooming all year round, you will be encouraged to learn how easy it can be.

Rio Dipladenia plants are classified as evergreen perennial vines. This means that not only do they grow for multiple years, but they also grow throughout the year. Instead of having a season where they lose all of their leaves and stop growing for a while, they will continue to flower throughout the year. 

Do Dipladenia Plants Come Back Every Year?

Dipladenia plants
As long as Rio Dipladenia plants are taken care of during the winter, they can come back year after year.

If grown with care and kept warm, there isn’t even a worry of them coming back. Rather, you can be quite confident they will stay green and flower throughout the whole year. 

However, if your Dipladenia plant is kept outside in the garden and in a cooler climate, it has to be properly winterized. The important thing is that their roots do not freeze. As long as their roots can continue to get nutrients over winter, they will come back in the spring. 

In What Hardiness Zones Do Rio Dipladenia Grow Best?

Rio Dipladenia grows best in hardiness zones between 9 and 11. As long as they get full sunlight, they will remain blossoming throughout the year. 

However, though they do best in those zones, that doesn’t mean that they can’t survive in other zones. Even zone 8 is tolerable for them, as long as they don’t get too cold. Otherwise, as long as they get enough sun, they can be excellent indoor plants as well if you live in an area that isn’t ideal for them.

Can Rio Plants Survive the Winter?

Rio Dipladenia plants are tropical, and not designed to be able to handle colder weather. This means they often struggle in colder temperatures. 

If you don’t take special care of your plants during winter, don’t worry. They may not die. As long as their roots don’t freeze, they will come back the next season. However, it does take them a fair amount of time to produce new growth again and even longer to bloom, so it isn’t ideal.

If your Rio Dipladenia is in a pot, it is easy enough to bring them inside so that they are in an area with a consistent temperature. 

To get them ready for winter and a drop in temperature, it is a good idea to cut them back to about 6 inches (15 cm) or so. Rio Dipladenia pruning is easy enough, as it just requires a quick cut. Water your plant well before it freezes, to aid with root insulation over the winter. Once it freezes, cut back on watering. 

If your plant is staying outside, you may want to also add some fertilizer and cover it with a tarp to try and keep some of the warmth in. 

If your plant does die, don’t worry too much. As long as the roots survive the cold, your plant should come back as it warms up and begin to grow again, though the old branches may be dead. 

How Do You Keep Dipladenia Blooming?

It is possible to keep your Dipladenia blooming all year long as long as it is planted in a pot and not outside in the ground. For the Rio Dipladenia to bloom, you need to be able to keep the roots warm throughout the year. 

They also enjoy a lot of sun and a good-sized pot. You don’t want them to be in an overly large pot that is much bigger than they are, but they do want a little space to breathe. 

At least half a day of sun is best for this plant as well. The more sun they get, the better they will grow and bloom. 

Finally, by keeping your watering and the temperature relatively similar throughout the year, your Rio Dipladenia won’t realize it should be slowing down for the winter and will keep blooming. Unlike other flowers, they don’t need to be deadheaded to continue to bloom. 

For those unfamiliar, deadheading is when you break off flowers on the stem before they finish blooming to promote new growth. Some plants won’t continue to bloom if their flowers are spent naturally, but with Rio Dipladenia perennial plants, this isn’t a problem. 

This is one of the benefits of having Dipladenia, as they don’t need a lot of maintenance at all. Unless you are trying to keep them safe outdoors over winter or to stop them from growing any larger, they don’t need to be pruned. They will do perfectly fine on their own.

When it comes to watering a Rio Dipladenia, you only want to water 2 inches (5 cm) every few days. 5 days is the general rule, but depending on the temperature and humidity in your area, that number can vary. Always check the soil to see if it is dry. 

Can You Plant Dipladenia Outside?

The Rio Dipladenia plant does well outside. Unlike some other plants, it enjoys a lot of sun. For best results, it likes direct sun for at least 4 hours but will do better with more. 

Even if you don’t want to plant it directly outside in the ground, it can be placed in pots as a feature around your patio or hanging from a pergola. As long as it gets a lot of sun and stays fairly warm, it is more than happy to be anywhere in your yard. 

They do better in a pot, as it is where they shine, but planting them in a yard, especially if you are in the correct hardiness zone, should still produce a thriving Rio Dipladenia plant. 

Do Dipladenia Do Well in Pots?

It is almost like Dipladenia was made to be kept in pots. They make gorgeous focal points for anywhere in your yard. They don’t have much of a preference for hanging pots or large pots on the ground, either. 

They also do well with other plants, providing the other plant loves the sun as much as Dipladenia does. And the Rio red flower or pink flower sets a great contrast for other plants. 


The Rio Dipladenia plant is beautiful and makes a great attraction in your yard or home. The best part is, since they are perennial plants, they can bloom all year long and over multiple years as long as you take care of them. 

They don’t need much care either. Rio Dipladenia plants require 2 inches (5 cm) of water every few days, at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day, and warm temperatures. Pruning or deadheading isn’t necessary to see these bold flowers blooming throughout the year. 

Rio Dipladenia is well suited to growing in a pot and can add a brilliant burst of color to any space.