Worm Castings vs. Compost: Which is Better?

Worm casting

Avid gardeners know that soil quality is everything! Good quality, nutrient-rich soil will help grow better quality food and plants. To give their soil a boost of nutrients, many gardeners create their own compost via a compost bin. Another composting material called worm castings is also becoming popular. This nutrient-dense material from worm waste is … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Soft And Squishy? (And How to Save It)

Cactus in a pot

Cacti are slow-growing, spiky, and firm. They are unique from many other species of plants in that they have spikes instead of leaves and their stems (if present at all) are very thick. They are also excellent plants for people who tend to forget – for weeks at a time – that they even own … Read more

Why is My Ponytail Palm Dying? (And How To Save It)

Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata, affectionately known as the Ponytail Palm or Elephant’s Foot, is a beautiful and very easy-to-care-for houseplant, as long as you embrace its unique care requirements.  If your Ponytail Palm appears to be dying, the problem is likely caused by overwatering and will require immediate action to save your plant from root rot.  Unfortunately, … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning Black?

Cactus turning Black

If your Cactus is turning black, this is a sign that it is in immediate trouble, and you will need to act quickly to fix the problem. A Cactus can turn black due to overwatering, root rot, crown rot, fungal infections, bacterial infections, injury, or even frost damage.  A Cactus turning black can be challenging … Read more

How Much Light Do Eucalyptus Seeds Need to Germinate?

Eucalyptus Seeds

Eucalyptus are beautiful plants. But that beauty comes with a bit of a fussy attitude. While they are usually reasonably happy when they are germinating and growing, they can be a bit harder to grow once they hit maturity.  However, that doesn’t mean everyone gets their Eucalyptus seeds to grow well the first time. They … Read more

Are Magnolia Seeds Edible For Humans?

Magnolia seeds

Magnolias are gorgeous plants. They have a delicious and light smell and are pretty with their big, waxy leaves and open flowers. However, you may wonder if Magnolias are good for more than just a view. Magnolia petals and leaves are edible for humans and can be used to make teas, though the seeds aren’t … Read more

How Do You Fix a Sunburnt Anthurium?

Anthurium flower plant

Anthuriums are pretty plants with shiny leaves. They enjoy a lot of light, but too much hot, midday sun can cause your plant to struggle. They may end up with burned, brown leaves or white, bleached leaves when they get too much sun, as well as problems like wilting and overall lack of color.  To … Read more

How Many Bell Peppers Does One Plant Produce?

Bell Pepper

Planting Bell Pepper Plants (Capsicum annuum) can seem like a lot of work, but it is well worth it once you harvest those delicious fresh peppers. And if you grow them under ideal conditions, you can expect plenty of them!  The average Bell Pepper Plant produces 5-10 Bell Peppers per growing season and typically produces … Read more

How Do I Get Rid of Grass Burrs In My Lawn?

Grass burrs

Grass Burrs are never fun. They are both attractive and painful. While the plant is often fine, the seeds it gives off are known as Burrs, Sand Burrs, Grass Burrs, Sticker Burrs, Stickers, Pricking Monster, Lawn Stickers, and many other colloquial names.  As these names suggest, these seeds are covered in spikes that can easily … Read more