How Do I Revive My Orchid Leaves Turning Brown?

Orchid plant

Orchids are already pretty hard to take care of. Even those with the best green thumbs tend to struggle. They are pretty finicky, and their signs of something wrong are all pretty similar. Take brown leaves, for example, it isn’t a sign that just one or two things went wrong, but six problems that could be … Read more

Can You Overseed Without Top Dressing?

Unhealthy grass

When you start to look at Overseeding, many people talk about it along with Top Dressing. You may be wondering if you can skip that extra step, or if there is something better out there for your lawn.  You can Overseed without Top Dressing, but it has many benefits like increased soil aeration, easier seed … Read more

Pleiospilos vs Lithops: Comparison Guide


Both Lithops and Pleiospilos are unique, conversation-starting succulents that resemble living stones. The trouble is that they often get confused for one another because they are similar in appearance and care needs. Pleiospilos and Lithops are two different genera of houseplants, and while they may look similar, you can easily identify which is which if … Read more

String Of Bananas vs. Fish Hooks – What’s The Difference?

String of Banana

The string varieties of succulents all look very pretty. They make wonderful hanging plants and can be used either indoors or outdoors for a beautiful plant that catches the eye.  They’re all closely related so they have similar care requirements which involve a lot of sun and little water. There are small differences in their … Read more

How Do I Save My Crassula Perforata Plant From Dying?

Crassula Perforata

Crassula Perforata is a plant that is naturally found in South Africa. Many people get them for their gardens or as indoor plants. Online, most guides say that this plant is relatively easy to care for and keep alive.  However, you may find that you are struggling and that your Crassula Perforata plant is dying. … Read more

Turn Your Balcony into a Private Oasis with These Privacy Plants

Balcony with plants

If you live in an apartment, your balcony might be where you enjoy your morning coffee or unwind after work. The problem with apartment balconies is that they are usually pretty exposed. Even if you like your neighbors, it’s nice to have a little privacy in your outdoor space so you can relax.  Bamboo screens … Read more

Fun Facts: ZZ Plant Spiritual Meaning

ZZ Plant

It’s no secret that plants offer many benefits to our indoor and outdoor spaces. Their presence has been proven to reduce stress and improve air quality, which boosts our physical and mental health! Certain plants have such an effect on our spaces that they even have spiritual meaning attached to them.  The ZZ Plant (short … Read more

Why Is My Golden Mop Cypress Turning Brown? (And What To Do)

Golden Cypress

The beautiful chamaecyparis pisifera (also known as the Golden Mop Cypress or Japanese False Cypress) is known for its golden, ornamental weeping foliage, making it an excellent decorative shrub. However, finding parts of the plant turning brown can be concerning.  Your Golden Mop Cypress is likely turning brown due to soggy soil leading to overwatering … Read more

Can I Use Eggshell Fertilizer for My Lemon Trees?

Crushed Eggshell

Instead of tossing out eggshells, you may have heard that they are good for some plants. But which plants are those and do you grow any of them? Using eggshell fertilizer for your Lemon Trees can be beneficial as eggshells are full of calcium, and have other beneficial minerals like selenium and magnesium. All three … Read more