How Do You Fix A Bent Banana Leaf?

Banana tree

Banana Trees help provide your home with a tropical feel. Due to their large size, they also are a great option to fill in empty spots in a room. There are dozens of different types of banana and plantain trees, many of which are suitable to grow indoors. Although they don’t usually produce fruit indoors, … Read more

Why is My Cactus Turning White and How to Fix It?

Cactus turning white

Indoor cacti are the perfect houseplant for minimalists. They’re slow growing, easy to care for, and don’t require much attention. If you’re lucky, your cacti may even produce blooms in summer! Despite their sturdiness, cacti are susceptible to issues like diseases and pests like any plant. If you notice your cactus turning white, it might … Read more

How Do You Encourage More Female Flowers on Pumpkins?


From pumpkin pie to jack-o’-lanterns, there’s no shortage of uses for this pretty winter squash. Pumpkins are a part of the genus Cucurbita, a group of plants that grows on vines and produces male and female flowers. The males carry the pollen, while the females carry the fruit to be pollinated. Without the female flowers, … Read more

Philodendron Moonlight vs. Lemon Lime: Comparison Guide

Philodendron Moonlight

It can be easy to fall in love with many of the chartreuse-colored Philodendron varieties, but it can be challenging to identify many of them. With so many nicknames, such as neon, lemon, golden, and lime, it can be much more challenging to differentiate a Philodendron Moonlight (Philodendron sp. Moonlight) from a Lemon Lime Philodendron … Read more

Why Do Bees Like Azaleas?

Bee on Azalea

Azaleas are gorgeous flowers. They have a fantastic smell and plenty of colors that easily make them the main attraction of any garden. Despite being a little toxic to people, they are well-loved and favored by many gardeners.  It’s not just humans that enjoy these flowers either. Bees like Azaleas because of their high levels … Read more

Basil vs. Oregano: When to Use?


Basil and Oregano are often used together as they enhance each other’s flavor profiles. However, when trying to make your own dish and aren’t sure which herb will work best, it can be hard to determine which one fits better.  Though they are used in conjunction, they have very different flavors, with Basil being sweeter … Read more

How Do You Save A Dead Looking Weigela?


In springtime, blooming Weigelas are common at the edges of lawns and near walkways. This pretty pink shrub is a member of the honeysuckle family and is native to Asia. Although it is a reasonably hardy plant, Weigela problems can progressively worsen until the plant is bare and dead looking. To save a dead-looking Weigela, … Read more

How Do You Keep Vinca From Getting Leggy?


Vinca, also known as Creeping Myrtle or Periwinkle, is considered a flowering plant. They are perennials that can become ground cover or act like a small bush if given the right care.  On their own, they are runners. Their rhizomes under the soil spread out and allow them to stretch out pretty far. They also … Read more

How Do You Treat Yellow Leaves on a Moringa Tree?

Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree is well-known for its medicinal properties. There are 13 species of this tree worldwide, most of which grow in Bangladesh and India. Each species has edible bark, leaves, roots, flowers, and fruit. Moringa oil is harvested from these trees and used in hair products and foods.  Gardeners enjoy this plant not only … Read more