Do Blueberry Bushes Lose Their Leaves?

Blueberry Bush

Do Blueberry bushes lose their leaves? In a word, yes! As a deciduous shrub, blueberry bushes naturally lose their leaves in autumn to prepare for winter dormancy. But, if you notice your blueberry bush defoliating during its growing season, you may have a deeper problem on your hands.  Like many plants, a blueberry bush will … Read more

How To Tell If Dahlia Tubers Are Dead

Dahlia tubers

If you’re getting ready for the spring sowing season, you need to know how to tell if dahlia tubers are dead. Planting a dead tuber is a waste of time, space and it won’t produce any flowers.  Dahlias have tuberous roots that store enough energy and food at the end of the season to survive … Read more

What Will Happen To Plants That Are Kept In The Dark?

plant in dark

We can’t all live in sunny California, but that shouldn’t stop you from having plants! While we typically want to give our plants lots of sun, this isn’t always possible. Your plants may find themselves in darker than desired conditions for many reasons. Perhaps your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light. You might … Read more