String Of Bananas vs. Fish Hooks – What’s The Difference?

The string varieties of succulents all look very pretty. They make wonderful hanging plants and can be used either indoors or outdoors for a beautiful plant that catches the eye. 

They’re all closely related so they have similar care requirements which involve a lot of sun and little water. There are small differences in their care, but nothing major that makes their care different. The main differences between these plants, and the easiest way to tell them apart is their colors and their leaf shape.

The String of Fish Hooks tends to be more blue or gray in color and has a more curved leaf. The String of Bananas tends to be more vibrant green and curved more like a banana than a hook. Both of these have curled, elongated leaves, compared to plants like the String of Pearls which have more rounded, ball-shaped leaves. 

What are the Main Differences Between String of Bananas and Fish Hooks?

It can be confusing trying to figure out the differences between these two plants. However, there are two main differences between the String of Bananas and String of Fish Hooks that can help you tell them apart. 


The first is colors. String of Bananas are often bright green. There are often two lighter, almost see-through stripes along the side of the plants. The leaves are very similar in appearance to little green bananas, and the color is similar to the green you’d see in unripe bananas. 

Meanwhile, String of Fish Hooks looks more blue-green or blue-gray. It usually looks darker than the String of Bananas. 

Leaf Shape

Close up string banana plant
The leaf shape is more than a little different between the two plants. Like the name, the String of Bananas has leaves that are curved and shaped a lot like mini bananas. They are usually about 1.2 inches (3 cm) in length. 

In comparison, the String of Fish Hooks has a thinner and longer leaf. While both of them are curved, the Fish Hook succulent does have a deeper curve that makes it look more like a fish hook over a banana. 

What Is String of Fish Hooks?

String of Fish Hooks, also known as Senecio radicans or Fishhooks Plant. They are native to South Africa. It is a vining plant and spreads across the ground when it has space. 

It spreads out, taking up as much space as it is given. If you put it in a hanging basket, it can easily travel all the way down to the ground. 

Are String of Fish Hooks Easy?

The String of Fish Hooks is easy to take care of. Like other succulents, they do well in hot and dry conditions. They can handle plenty of sun and get just a little bit of water. They have a higher drought tolerance than the String of Bananas. If you live in a good environment for a succulent, you can leave them outside. 

However, they do work well indoors, especially in a hanging basket where they can show off all of their strings. 

They also do well, because they don’t attract many pests or diseases, so as long as you don’t overwater them, you should be able to keep your String of Fish Hooks relatively healthy. 

Do String of Fish Hooks Grow Fast?

String of Fish Hooks are considered to be relatively fast-growing plants. They can grow to over 10 feet (3 m) and reach that length in a fairly quick amount of time. They grow the fastest during the warmer months, and may have to be pruned a couple of times a year to prevent them from spreading out on the ground once they make their way down there. 

They grow faster, get larger, and grow fuller than String of Bananas. 

What Does the String of Fish Hooks Flower Look Like?

String of Fish Hooks grows little white flowers. These flowers only grow once a year, no matter the environment they are set up in. The flowers they grow are small and white. Some people have described them as having a pleasant cinnamon scent. 

Are String of Fish Hooks Toxic?

String of Fish Hooks are considered to be toxic. They are mildly toxic to people, cats, and dogs if eaten, so it is best to keep them away from any curious pets or children. It is considered to be mildly toxic to most animals, so even if you own a non-traditional pet, you will want to be careful that they don’t take some nibbles of the plant. 

Are String of Fish Hooks Rare?

String of Fish Hooks isn’t very rare. Since you can easily propagate them from a cutting, and they grow so fast, you can get new plants in no time. They don’t cost very much, usually around ten dollars for a bunch of cuttings. 

However, they are very fragile and can break easily when shipped, so you may have to pay extra for good packaging or you may have to purchase multiple plants to get one that handles shipping well. 

What Is String of Bananas?

String of Bananas Plant

String of Bananas is also known as Curio radicans. It is often easily confused with String of Fish Hooks, and some even classify it differently so it shares the same scientific name to make it confusing. This is because it used to be called Senecio radicans, just like the String of Fish Hooks, and was recently changed to reduce confusion. 

They are also originally from South Africa and are a succulent that does well in warm conditions like most others. It enjoys hot and dry conditions, whether inside or out. 

Are String of Bananas Easy?

String of Bananas are easily grown by beginners and experts alike. While they aren’t as drought tolerant as String of Fish Hooks, they are still able to handle going without water for a while. They also don’t need very much fertilization, repotting, or pruning to take care of them, which makes their care very minimal. 

As long as they get plenty of sunlight and not too much water, they are usually very happy. They need full sun throughout the day, but in hotter locations, they need some protection from the midday sun. 

Do String of Bananas Grow Fast?

String of Bananas is also considered to be a fast-growing plant, much like String of Fish Hooks. However, it doesn’t get as big, only reaching 3 feet (1 m). 

These plants can reach full height in almost no time because they grow so fast. However, since they are shorter in length, they don’t have to be pruned as often, as they don’t trail far down to the ground when they are left hanging. 

What Does the String of Bananas Flower Look Like?

String of Bananas also have flowers that are white in color. Their flowers are white and puffy, but they can be purple or yellow as well. They also have a faint cinnamon smell but are less fragrant than the String of Fish Hooks.

Are String of Bananas Toxic? 

String of Bananas are considered mildly toxic as well. They are dangerous for people and animals, so it is best to keep them away from pets or children that are curious and like to stick things in their mouths. 

Are String of Bananas Rare?

String of Bananas are considered somewhat rare, especially compared to other similar vining succulents. They are relatively easy to propagate, so once you get one, you are set for life if you take care of them. 

However, they are still common and you can find them online or in most major garden centers. 


String of Bananas and String of Fish Hooks can look pretty similar. Their growth habits, flower, and even smell are pretty similar. The only differences are in their color and leaf shape. 

The String of Fish Hooks tends to be more blue or gray in color and has a more curved leaf. The String of Bananas tends to be more vibrant green and curved more like a banana than a hook.

They originate from similar areas and have similar care requirements which makes them easy enough to take care of. Both succulents prefer lots of sunlight and minimal watering, making them a wonderful addition to any home or space.