What Colors Do Peace Lilies Come In?

Peace Lilies are pretty plants, and you might expect them to have pretty flowers, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Though the flowers are pretty, they only come in two different colors.

Peace Lilies come in a few colors between green and white, including cream, yellowish, pure white, and solid green, depending on the plant and care. 

Don’t be confused if you see a plant with red or pink flowers listed as a Peace Lily. They look very similar to Peace Lilies and can often be mistaken for them, but they are more than likely Anthuriums. 

Though they don’t have as many flower varieties as other plants, Peace Lilies shine with their foliage. The leaves can range from a light green color with ribbing to dark green and white leaves that are large and eye-catching. 

Are There Different Colors of Peace Lilies?

Peace Lilies come in a couple of different colors and shades. However, there isn’t much variety in Peace Lily flowers, and they are all very similar in coloring. Unlike other flowers that come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes, Peace Lilies only have a few options. 

Is There a Pink Peace Lily?

There are no pink Peace Lilies. What some people mistake for pink Peace Lilies are usually Anthuriums instead. Color is one of the main ways to tell Peace Lilies and Anthuriums apart, as Peace Lilies do not have nearly as many different colors. 

Is There a Red Peace Lily?

There are no red Peace Lilies. Like pink, if you think you have come across red Peace Lilies, they are likely Anthuriums. They are similar in appearance and shape, but Anthuriums come in a wider variety of colors than Peace Lilies. 

If you see a post for a red Peace Lily, it is likely just someone selling an Anthurium due to confusion. 

Do Peace Lilies Only Come in White?

Peace lily close up
We said that Peace Lilies come in various colors and shades, yet they don’t come in common colors like red and pink, so what colors do they have? Though there are a few different colors, all Peace Lilies are in some form of white or green, or a mix of the two. 

Peace Lilies come in various shades, from pure white to green. Sometimes off-white varieties also appear as more of a cream color. However, that is the range of colors for Peace Lilies. They do not come in vibrant colors like red, purple, pink, yellow, or blue. 

That is because the white part you see and think of as a flower isn’t the flower. Instead, the stem in the center of the petal is considered the flower. The white part is called a spathe. It is simply the part meant to surround the flowers and protect them. 

The flowers of a Peace Lily are pretty minuscule and not an eye-catching part of the plant, so the colors don’t matter. 

The white spathe, often confused for flowers, is actually what gave the plant its name. They are called Peace Lilies as they look like they are waving a white flag of peace. 

How Many Types of Peace Lilies Are There?

There are about forty-seven different species and varieties of Peace Lilies out there. Despite having very similar flower and flower structures, the plants themselves have the potential to look vastly different. 

The leaves come in many shades and colors, such as light green, dark green, white, and even dark ones that almost look purple. 

Popular Peace Lily Varieties

With so many varieties, you can expect that some are more popular than others. Here’s a list of the most loved Peace Lily varieties, so you can see which ones may be worth having in your garden or home. 

  • Piccolino Peace Lily – A small variety of Peace Lily. If happy, the leaves grow tall and upright. They have dark and glossy leaves that contrast with the white spathes. 
  • Figaro – Deep green foliage and pure white spathes create a strong contrast. Can handle bright, indirect light. 
  • Sensation Peace Lily – The largest of all Peace Lilies available to own. They can reach 6 feet (2 m) in height and have large leaves to match their size. 
  • Patricia Peace Lily – The spathes look reminiscent of a Calla Lily, and the plant is compact. 
  • Sonia Peace Lily – Small Peace Lily with long, narrow leaves that are glossy and dark. 
  • Bongo Bongo – The leaves are deeply veined and rich green. Leaves are also very thick. 
  • Little Angel Peace Lily – A small Peace Lily variety blooms more often than other varieties. The leaves are a deep, olive-colored green. 
  • White Stripe Peace Lily – The leaves are usually not so glossy and have a solid white line that runs down the leaf. They are smaller plants. 
  • Domino Peace Lily – Ruffled green foliage that sometimes has thin white lines. Very dark leaves that are shiny everywhere. 
  • Sebastiano – Light green leaves on tall stems that grow straight up. It can handle low light. 
  • Jetty Peace Lily – Green leaves that are glossy and rich. The spathes usually grow up tall, standing out amongst the leaves. 
  • Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily – Large leaves are textured on the edges and are usually a solid green color. 
  • Clevelandii – Has very long leaves that are unusual in Peace Lilies. The spathes can be solid green to solid white, and the leaves often have a little yellow variegation. 
  • Power Petite – Very glossy, the leaves are almost mirror-like. Very symmetrical in their growth habit. 
  • Annette – Looks like a standard Peace Lily, but with slight variegation in the leaves and more curved spathes.
  • Wallisii – A dwarf species. The foliage is long, droopy, and rippled. 
  • Picasso – Great variegation on the leaves, a mix of pure white and rich dark green. The spathes don’t stand out much, but it always has good contrast. 
  • Allison – Looks similar to Calla Lilies when the spathes appear. It is a smaller variety, rarely growing as much as 3 feet (1 meter) tall. 

Which Is the Best Peace Lily?

Out of the ones listed above, there is no agreement on which is the best. It depends a lot on personal preference. However, the top four most popular are the White Stripe Peace Lily,

the Little Angel Peace Lily, Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily, and the Sensation Peace Lily. 

White Stripe Peace Lily

As the name suggests, White Stripe Peace Lilies have a bright white stripe that runs through the center of every leaf. The leaves are often a standard shade of green and usually a bit thicker than other Peace Lily leaves. 

Additionally, if you see new growth in these leaves, you will notice that the undersides are often a silvery color. 

Little Angel Peace Lily

The Little Angel Peace Lily is not the smallest of all Peace Lilies, but it is still small, often called a dwarf variety. It looks like a standard Peace Lily, with dark green leaves and white spathes/flowers. It is just smaller. It also tends to bloom more than other varieties due to its small size. 

Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily

Regarding medium-sized Peace Lilies, the Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily is a top favorite. It can get pretty big, reaching up to 4 feet (1.25 m) tall. The leaves are dark and glossy green. 

Though they are all tropical plants, the Mauna Loa Supreme tends to be even more tropical looking than other Peace Lilies, making it an attractive and distinct plant to have in the home. 

Sensation Peace Lily

The Sensation Peace Lilies are the biggest ones out there. They can easily reach up to 6 feet (2 m) tall. Their leaves have a lot of texture and are darker green than other varieties. They stay dark green all year round. 

What Do Peace Lilies Symbolize?

Peace Lilies, as their name suggests, symbolize peace and surrender. However, they also symbolize meanings like:

  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Healing
  • Hope
  • Prosperity

Most of the meanings come back to the flower. The large, white spathe that stands above the flower like a flag is associated with peace and surrender. However, the pure white also represents things like purity, healing, and hope. 


There are quite a few different kinds of Peace Lilies. However, they don’t have the range in flower color that other flowering plants might have. They can be a variety of shades between white and green, but they don’t produce brilliant colors such as red and purple. 

Peace Lilies come in colors that are limited to anything between green and white, including cream, yellowish, pure white, and solid green, depending on the plant and care. 

That doesn’t mean that Peace Lilies don’t stand out. They have various sizes and shades of green on their leaves and even some that are a mix of brilliant white and rich green.