Can I Use Eggshell Fertilizer for My Lemon Trees?

Crushed Eggshell

Instead of tossing out eggshells, you may have heard that they are good for some plants. But which plants are those and do you grow any of them? Using eggshell fertilizer for your Lemon Trees can be beneficial as eggshells are full of calcium, and have other beneficial minerals like selenium and magnesium. All three … Read more

How to Save Dahlia Leaves and Flowers from Turning Brown

Dying Dahlia

Dahlias are renowned for their gorgeous blooms, so it can be disappointing and frustrating to find that the flowers and leaves are turning brown. There are a number of reasons why your Dahlias leaves and flowers are turning brown, and while the damage itself is not reversible, you can still save the plant and prevent … Read more

Should My Lemon Tree Have Thorns? (And What to Do Next)

Lemon Tree

Having citrus fruits like Lemon Trees in your yard can be beneficial, and provide you with all the citrus you need for the year. However, you may be surprised if you go to harvest some of the fruits one day, only to get poked with thorns.  Though you may be surprised, it isn’t a rare … Read more

What’s the First Thing to Do If My Dog Eats Perilla Mint Leaves?

Perilla mint

If you’re a fan of Korean food, you have probably eaten Perilla leaves at some point in your life. Perilla is the common name of the Asian crop Perilla frutescens. It’s also sometimes called Perilla Mint, beefsteak plant, or Korean mint due to its popularity in Korean cuisine. Although Perilla Mint is grown and harvested … Read more

How Do I Care for Hoya Burtoniae

Hoya plant

Hoya Burtoniae, and most other Hoya, work about the same way. Even if the requirements aren’t identical, they are often close enough. However, if you want to have a perfectly happy Hoya Burtoniae, it is important to look at all the specific requirements for their care.  When looking at Hoya Burtoniae, you want to ensure … Read more

What is Stripping My Marigolds? (And How to Naturally Rid Them)


Marigolds are pretty flowers, and you will often see them in more natural gardens and flower beds. They are annual flowers, with bright orange, yellow, and red flowers that stand out. They can be fairly small, and don’t take up a lot of space, but they do have a fair amount of benefits.  Marigolds are … Read more

How Do I Fix My Purple Basil Turning Green?

Purple Basil

Purple Basil is named such due to its pretty dark purple color. There are a couple of different varieties of Basil that are purple, but Purple Basil is the most common one. While it is usually a purple color, hence the name, it does sometimes tend to look more green or lose its purple coloring … Read more

Why Are My Coleus Leaves Turning White? (Quick Answer and Fix

Coleus turning white

Coleus is a perennial shrub chosen mostly for its vibrant and varied colors. While the flowers are neat, they are often considered small and insignificant. That’s why it can be frustrating when the leaves aren’t the bright, vibrant colors they are supposed to be.  If your Coleus leaves are turning white, the likely cause is … Read more

How Do I Save My Ginger Leaves After Turning Yellow?

Ginger plant

While herb gardens are all the rage, many don’t realize that spices like Ginger are just as easy to grow. The Ginger plant itself has elegant spear-shaped fronds, which makes it an attractive houseplant. The Ginger we eat and cook with is the rhizome, or “root”, of this plant. Ginger typically grows in tropical regions, … Read more